Zoom with trackpad sometimes hangs

First off, I’d like to say: Hell yeah! I love using Shapr3d for Mac with 3 finger drag, it’s a dream when modeling! It’s so fast, so I don’t have to think about selecting commands via menus at all, I just, model.

However, I’m noticing some intermittent lag/hang when pinch zooming using the trackpad (MacBook Air M1). It seems to work fine a few seconds, but stops working after a second or two (mid-pinch). Releasing the pinch gesture and doing a new pinch gesture works sometimes, but not always. Doing a short pan gesture however always enables the pinch zoom gesture again.

It’s not every time, so it’s hard to give you steps to reproduce, but it seems to happen more often when the cursor is not hovering above any faces (not placed on a model). Sorry, that makes it lot harder to debug.

Thanks again for making an awesome app and I’m looking forward to an array copy feature :wink:

Thanks for the report - this is something that we have been hunting for a while (happens randomly and scarcely on our side). Once we’ve found it, we will fix it. Let us know if you are able to reproduce it

I’ve noticed if you do multiple quick pinch gestures it hangs quite a bit more. It could be that the gesture isn’t recognized properly or ended/cancelled quickly enough.

We think we’ve caught and fixed the issue, will be part of the next release :slight_smile:


That was fast! Thank you for the quick response you guys/girls have here on the forum, amazing. :muscle:

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