3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers


Hi, I updated to 3.7 and now I can’t create new projects… though I have Pro but it keeps asking me to go pro…:disappointed_relieved: Is there a fix I missed?


It’d be nice to have this dnd feature not only for exporting but also to import from gallery, files app, etc. in this way. There are times that I really desire that.

Drag and drop on Export

Hi - we experienced this issue previously - 3.7 beta is out on Testflight for Beta testers

We are using the official Apple Beta app - and the subscriptions should work. It seems logging in and out from your Apple ID helps the issue.

Sorry about this


That sure is an odd looking banjo!!! Just Kidding!!! :crazy_face:


Hi, logging in with my Apple ID didn’t quite work. I keep getting looped between the go pro button and the Hurray! button when I try to create a new project.https://discourse-cdn-sjc2.com/standard17/uploads/shapr3d/original/2X/d/d9acdb859a080ca8b8a6008f9cc1491ad089039b.MOV


:grin: I like Banjo but you’re right that’s not a Banjo :smile: it’s Kamancheh, an ancient Persian bowed instrument. FYI, Violin had been developed from Kamancheh. :cherry_blossom:


Are you logged in with your Shapr3D account? Just to be sure, you need to be logged in with both AppleID and your Shapr3D account


Issues report:
Could not delete the circle as follows:


You had the edge selected, not the circle.


Can you select the circle?! I think It’s not possible except after hiding the cylinder


Another issues:
Offset value of zero is not possible as shown below:


That’s how you can do it, yes :slight_smile:


Well no problem but annoying thanks


Yes, this is a known issue. I saw people circumventing the issue by offseting to a certain size, than with the same parameters offset it back. not the best solution, but does the job


Hidden body appears and bothers; see below:


I am logged into both. I am actually responding from the app.


Hi - it’s a deficiency we have, but it doesn’t matter if you are logged in to the forum, the app uses a different system. You can log into the app through the following modal.


An option to consider for a zero offset is .0001😎


Sure but maybe not when you’re dealing with a range of micrometers😍


Yes, those days are far behind me. Even when I was involved developing the Boneau Stent we didn’t use those tolerances. Engineers more often didn’t understand the mechanics of achieving such tolerances and also the metrology to confirm such tolerances in most standard locations.

Today I like .010 or more… :crazy_face: