Any feature ideas?


Yes, it should work like that, we just did not have time to finish it yet.


Just had one thought to speed up workflow. How about an option called “rectangle” at the top of the screen next to ‘regular’ and ‘spline’. When you select this, you would pull out a rectangle on the grid or on a surface? - Just a thought. (this might not be quite so necessary when the grid shows through onto a surface) Andy


We will add primitives hopefully next week. Rectangle, ellipse, box, sphere, etc. tools are coming.


Trim split join curves

G1 one align cv spline to line,arc, spline (like alias)
I love the fusion workflow click at a line and draw the new spline out already as a g1 curve.

Lock in lock

Surface offset

Blend surface

Blend curve

Array tool ( circular linear pattern)

Line tangent perpendicular parallel to line and curve etc. (very important drafting tools)

Object align place cylinder at center point of other cylinder or mid point of cube edge etc

Global local orientation move scale like alias has

Honestly I think MOI is a good app to follow as it offers everything seriously a designer needs for fast ideation modeling.


“Trim split join curves”

Yes, coming in the next few weeks

“G1 one align cv spline to line,arc, spline (like alias)I love the fusion workflow click at a line and draw the new spline out already as a g1 curve.”

Yes, probably coming with the other curve editing tools

“Lock in lock”

I am not sure I know what you mean

“Surface offset”

Yes, in the next few months

“Blend surface”

Yes, in the next few months

“Blend curve”

Probably with the other curve editing tools

“Array tool ( circular linear pattern)”

Yes, in the next few months

"Line tangent perpendicular parallel to line and curve etc. (very important drafting tools)"

"Object align place cylinder at center point of other cylinder or mid point of cube edge etc"
Coming in the next release

"Global local orientation move scale like alias has"
How is that?


lol never type on a mobile device.

I ment to say:

Lock - unlock.

Global Local orientation is a feature Blender and Alias make a lot of use- while Blender also offers normal.

each line or surface is an object. I can rotate it and the software remembers the amount of rotation.
Then I can select if I show the translation widget either with global XYZ orientation or local meaning XYZ is adjusted based on the amount of XYZ rotation of the object.

If you edit a line via editing the CVs then it is still a great tool to use the normal function because it kinda
works like an offset. Lower left image would allow me to move the point along the normal Y direction 1.5mm for a perfect offset.


I see, so you basically want to be able to switch between transforming an object in its own coordinate system and the global coordinate system?


as an addition this can be incredible helpful.

currently you can dimension a line or the angle between two which is pretty awesome as well and works terrific.

there the local or normal comes in handy is when you want to move something along their own unique direction.

I am not sure if this could fit into your sketch engine.


Congrats on the release. I downloaded 1.0 and played with it just a bit, so sorry if i missed a feature.

After skimming through the suggestions, things i would like to see added first. Before I could suggest to our design and CAD team to think of this a a viable tool.

-Type/ font

  • Image import (To work from a transparent design or Images in the background.)
  • a stand alone ruler, or measurement tool
  • selection tool, (to select multi vertices, surfaces, or lines, at once.) Currently I only see how to select single surface, vertice, or line, for pulling and resize, and full objects for translation.

All these could be in tools. Though selection tool i think should be one of the main tools on the screen as an option. And image import could be in tools, but also could be in the arrow menu, where plane selection is located.

P.S. I understand the need to keep the UI easy to use and navigate on the IOS platform. so far you have done a great job. Kudos for the Left handed optional interface.


Image import: yes, that’s planned, one of the most requested features. Probably in the next few weeks.
Measurements: also. We will have measurement tools soon.
Selection: you will be able to select multiple edges to fillet them together.


Is there a good way to draw Full rectangles, squares, ellipses, and Hexagon type Shapes without drawing each individual sketch lines? If not this would be nice. It would increase sketch time tremendously. I would think this feature is already included I might be missing it.

Also Read through some previous forums and being able to snap to midpoint, tangent, endpoints, quadrants, center, perpendicular points, and intersection points during sketching would be a great help. The sketching tools auto snaps to some of these point but if you can predetermine what point you want to snap or align to this would speed things up. I just started working with the app so maybe this can already be done. Are there any tutorials on this type of feature yet? Thank you in advance.


That’s a quite often requested feature, we will add curve tools soon!


My two feature items or wishes would be:

  1. A way select and edit Object,Face, point or line at a time.
  2. UV seams and uv mapping.
  3. Able to export a uv map to like photoshop or procreate on iPad and the import a completed png or jpg back to sharp3d to see a textured object.

Thanks so much

Transform by moving Edge

Here is one more example of being able to edit and move a single point.


Hello, and welcome on the forum :slight_smile:

1 That’s not as easy as it sounds. Shapr is based on boundary representation, and with brep moving a vertex is a really hard task. But we will add more direct modeling capabilites in the future, that will let you edit your models somewhat similarly.
2/3. That’s possible, but I am not sure if we want to go for visualization/rendering, at least not for a while. Currently we are focusing on improving the modeling capabilities.


Is it possible to change the work plane at all when sketching? I have not been able to find it if it is there. I ask because i am interested in doing things like creating two sketches on different planes, then lofting the shapes together.

Top notch job on the app so far. This is a wonderful tool that I am certain will only get better and better.


Sure: top right corner, camera menu, grid settings.

In the next version you will be able to use the grid on faces as well. But already when you double tap on a face, the grid will align to that face.


Ah I see, thank you so much. Cheers Istvan!

EDIT: So changing the working plan works pretty great. One thing I did notice however is that I can only select sketch objects (for features like lofting) that are in the current workplane. Example: i created two circles, one on the YZ plane and one on the XY plane. When i attempt to loft the two circles, I can only select the one that is on my current workplane. The other circle loses the yellow highlight that shows it as a closed sketch and is thusly non-selectable.

Sorry to derail a little, I will post elsewhere for things like this or just do some more digging prior to posting.

As for feature request, I would love to see SVG import in the future. Would be remarkably useful for working with logos, complex shapes, etc…



I answered on the other thread ( Bug List )


Not as much a feature request but a small change in work flow. I have found that it is easier to access functions that are done with the non-pencil hand if they are placed higher on the screen. The undo and redo buttons are in a cumbersome position that cannot be reached without change my grip and position of the IPad. This makes experimenting and fixing problems more of a burden than if my thumb could just move up above the toolset or even to the top area above the workspace. Please consider this.