Any feature ideas?

Hey, that’s a pretty cool list, thanks for the feedback. Many of these things are in progress and/or scheduled.

Can you elaborate on this? I am not sure I understand the problem.

Every time I use the subtract tool it creates a duplicate body (duplicate of the body I intended to subtract from) this seemed like a bug. Haven’t been in the app since the recent update so this might have been fixed.

There is an option on the left “Keep originals”. Just turn it off, and then the original bodies will disappear after the operation.

I think he means leave original body on subtract? How about subtract + intersect (Subtract body 1 from body 2, but leave the intersection as a new body)?

I’d like to see “Extrude to next surface” where body1 is “subtracted from”, at the surface of body 2. Easier to make mating parts that way.

Coincident is my vote

Three years on, is this function available yet? Thanks

Not yet - but still on the roadmap. Can’t tell you an ETA, but we are getting there

Please include a radius tool for 2d sketching. That is: select two intersecting lines on a sketch, and be presented with a tool similar to the 3d radius/chamfer tool.

Why? Because sometimes it is more efficient to finalize the shape, then extrude it. For example, because the shape of extruded splines can not be edited, if you want to change the solid you have to delete it, edit the 2D sketch and re-extrude. But then, all radiuses have to be recreated as well. So, each time you want to modify a spline-based solid, you have to recreate all the radiused edges each time, even though they haven’t changed. This wastes a lot of time. If you don’t want to give us parametric tools, then at least give us more drawing tools so we don’t have to rebuild unchanged geometry during cycles of sketch-extrude-evaluate-delete-resketch-re-extrude.

In general, I would like to see the Shapr team spend more time with real-world use testing. I think this sort of usability issue (of which there are many) could be discovered earlier in the development process.

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I’d like to see iCloud support (not exporting, like the way it works now. But synchronising, link Pages and Pixelmator). So I’d see the latest version of my iPad design, also pop up on Shapr3D my Mac…



Do you already know when will the Windows version be available?
Drawing derivation and Windows version together are a game changer!

Shapr3D for Windows is in closed beta at the moment, and we don’t have release date for it yet. But rather sooner than later (not years from now).

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I think it would be really awesome if you could hand write input for editing dimensions in the pop up window. The interface could look exactly the same but you could just scribble over it with handwritten numbers.

Using the apple pencil with the app is already so intuitive and natural, I feel like this would an amazing addition and really speed up work flow. Apple allows this feature system wide on any text box May be able to utilize that and implement it pretty easily!

If this is already a feature I’ve missed I’d love to know how to enable it!