Any feature ideas?


How do others feel about this?


Wow, I absolutely agree with this. Im glad someone mentioned it. My ipad is usually seated in a position that leaves my non pencil hand resting closer to the top of the screen. It becomes sort of awkward and unfomfortable to use undo/redo if i use that hand. Great suggestion!


hi, meanwhile, I wanted to congratulate you this great application! really compliments.
in the future it will be possible to implement the “text tool”?


Thanks :wink: Yes, that’s on the roadmap.


OK, we will see what we can do.


I agree with @Grindeddown when I’m holding my iPad but when I am using it on my desk I find the placement of undo redo just perfect. Is there a way to be able to change location from bottom to top (like tool’s from right to left) ? Then I would have the best of both worlds


Hmm, that’s a very interesting idea…


-history for me is the first… parametric editable history with all steps,



-history for me is the first… parametric editable history with all steps,

Actually we never wanted to make implement feature history in Shapr, but we get more and more requests for this, so we will seriously consider this direction. We will see how the upcoming layers feature will change peoples workflow.

  • more controls for sketch

Yes, that’s on the roadmap, we will improve this a lot.

-variable fillet

Hmm. OK, I put it among the feature requests, but we haven’t had any request for this so far. Anyone else? But we could easily put that to a fillet tool, we will need that anyway, for more advanced fillets.

  • extrude with draft

OK, I added this to the roadmap.

  • quote on sketch and on 3d model

Yes, that’s a fairly often requested feature.

  • remove fillet

Yes, on the roadmap.


I find I’m missing non-proportional scaling quite a lot. I use this a lot in 3ds Max, although admittedly that’s in part a consequence of box modelling. Maybe it’s just me but that’s one commission I find a little frustrating? Solid progress though :slight_smile:


Autocorrect typo: omission, not commission


That’s a good idea! Swapping the tools menu with the undo/redo buttons would be pretty awesome.

But should we maybe take it a step further? For instance allowing users to freely position all the menus/buttons?
People have differently sized hands and different ways of holding the iPad. When you’re using the app for work it is crucial that everything is where it is the most comfortable for you.

On the other hand this could become pretty confusing and screw up the design.
What do you think?


More freedom in placement of buttons would be nice, (didn’t want to get greedy :slight_smile:); but having to much freedom can get confusing as well, as you said. Maybe the ability to move thing in a zoned area like each side and a top and bottom area? I would think as Shaper grows there will be more buttons and tools needed and real estate for them will also be needed. At that point maybe being able to turn on and off select tools and buttons that are used most would be helpful, just a thought.


I wouldn’t want to swap them, personally. In fact I am not quite sure I would want to relegate anything to the lower left corner of the screen. I know many of us work differently, some at a desk where this would not matter, others while lounging in a chair or in bed. The latter where I tend to fall might tend to agree that the bottom of the screen is difficult to use. I like tablets for gathering information and in that case I am modeling while standing or crouch next to something. My grip has to be maintained in one position or I have to stop using the pencil to jostle my grip to use a different tool. It seems that for now there is plenty of room above the tool button.


Thank you very much for your prompt reply and availability. Today i use Solidworks on the pc and edrawing pro on the ipad to show my projects (only show), but with Shapr3D is possible to modify my models or make new.
I suggest you to check edrawing app, levels, exploded view and VR.
Thank you


I think you should be able to upload a picture on the planes so you could trace a shape using those uploaded pictures.


Yes, that’s on the roadmap, many people asked for that.


I read through this topic and I might have missed it if it was asked. But implementing shapes that can be adjusted, I am trying to incorporate bolt and nut cutouts in some of my shapes and it is very difficult to make a good hexagon on top of another shape or in general that has even sides and is proportionally correct.

Are you going to incorporate importing STLs?

I love this app, you guys are geniuses. I am new to 3D printing and CAD (3 months in) and this has completely changed how I design and print things. I learned OpenSCAD first and got used to it but wanted to draw stuff out.



This will require some detailed explanation why would that be really hard to do.

STL is a mesh format. This means, that it contains a list of triangles, that represents the 3d model.

Shapr3D is based on boundary representation. This means, that it works with parametric surfaces and curves to represent shapes.

Creating triangles from parametric surfaces/curves is straightforward, and fairly easy to do. The other direction is not. There are some 3D software that supports this (more or less), but implementing this functionality would be extremely complex.

So the short answer: probably we are not going to be able to do this in the next few months, but I see a little chance, that we are going to support this later. But currently this is not even on the roadmap.

We are really happy that you are enjoying Shapr :slight_smile:


What about shapes? Quick and easy shapes that you can set dimensions on would be great.