Any feature ideas?


Yes, that’s planned, on the roadmap.


I would like to see a ‘thread’ tool, to be able to add a thread to items like a screw thread both internal and external.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Wonderful app first of all. :slight_smile:
I want to play with my doodle-like illustrations in 3D. I don’t know if I can transfer 2D images and play with them on this app.

And I think “layers” is a must too.



Layers (we call them groups) are coming in 2 weeks, we are working on it. Hopefully by the end of the week we will have a working prototype:)

Currently we don’t support SVG import, but if you somehow manage to convert your output to IGES or STEP, than that could be imported to Shapr. If you amnage to do that, let us know, we would be very interested how you do that.


WOW this would be cool to have in Shapr3D. I can imagine you pull up surfaces and lines in different heights and that would make a great project and as Istvan said, if you can import it as STEP / IGES it would help.

I would love to see what you can do with too. Keep us posted!


I’ll try that as soon as I get my iPad Pro in a month. :wink:
And thanks for the compliment :slight_smile:


Taking a JPG file and convert it to SVG then to STEP and importing to Shapr3D.
I have been working on this for some time and this is how I do it.
First I took and saved your JPG to a file that I used this link to
convert it to SVG file ( this is free). Link:
Next I imported as a sketch into Autodesk 123D.
I then extruded the sketch to .5mm to make a solid.
I exported it as a STEP file to Dropbox, (This is a premium feature in 123D).
Then I opened the STEP file from Dropbox into Shapr3d (see screen shots)
Around the world to get there but it works. Hope this helps.Taking a JPG file and convert it to SVG then to STEP and importing to Shapr3D.


One thing I forgot to mention. I took the JEG into photoshop to convert it to a B&W image first. The colored background didn’t work with the SVG conversion just gave a black image. :wink:


Woooow! That’s crazy cool!!!


I am impressed. This is fantastic. I knew this would look cool in Shapr3D. Now you can pull and push everything and give the image a complete new look. Brilliant!


Hi I like your doodles. However don’t underestimate the amazing doodling capabilities possible in Shapr. It is fantastic with a little practice you can get some great results especially with the new update with enhanced pencil sensitivity. Great update Istvan and Shapr team. Here are a few basic doodles less than 5 mins. Cheers.


To be clear the “doodles” are not mine they are from @Hmsahinoglu above. All I did was show how I have taken JPG or SVG files and get them into Shapr3D. I do agree, I am always amazed at what can be done with Shapr3D and that improves with every release. Thank you @Istvan_Shapr3D and the whole team.

BTW I like your doodles too : slight_smile: ~John


Of course, It was meant for the original poster I was just adding to the conversation as a follow up to your excellent workaround. Re. Slight smile.
Thanks :wink:


I love the idea of “doodling”. I know Shapr is more of an accurate type of sketching app. In other words - it’s not very fluid but rather made up of accurate lines and curves. My vote would be to have a freeform type of sketching much like vector programs where one can just put the pencil down and sketch freely (Adobe Illustrator Draw comes to mind). Once completed you can adjust the amount of “accuracy” of the curves you drew. This would make it so much more appealing to artists. I love to sketch and doodle but having to do it with start and end points slows you down. Imagine taking a sketch you made and adding a third dimension… very cool.

Could this be an option in the future?




Give the new pencil interface a try, gonna add you in a few hours. It is a brand new world :slight_smile:

On the other hand, yes, it is absolutely possible to add a freeform spline sketching tool.


Great - looking forward to it. I’m sure you have used Adobe Illustrator Draw but if not - have a look at the way it works. You draw your lines as best you can and the app “smooths” it.

Thank you!



Oh. I think we can do better than that :slight_smile:


LOL… that’s the spirit… maybe even variable width using pencil pressure… muahhhhhhhhaaahhhh


I have an idea for you to perhaps add in as a future update.

I have attached three images that are simply viewed at differing zoom levels. Note that the navigation icon ( or what ever you call the colorful move and rotate tool) appears to be centered on the object/line that is selected. As I zoom in it slowly moves off the screen and at a high zoom level I can not see the tool at all.

Perhaps the tool should be centered on the selected object based on the current zoom level in such a way that I can always see it regardless of the zoom level.

Hope this makes sense. Bret


Tools to allow creation of threads (standard and custom). Sufficient would be a helix tool that allow us to add the basic desired thread/grove profile and then sweep it into a shape for addition or subtraction (like in CAD programs like TruboCad) would do the job if the more sophisticated thread tools found in AuotCad level software is not reasonable.