Any feature ideas?


Yeah, that’s on the roadmap. Currently we are working on inproving the sketching capabilities, but after that we probably add some curve tools. Few weeks maybe.


It would be great if we could rotate objects from a pivot point that is outside of the object. For example, If I have a cube with corner lengths of 1, which has a center at 0,5,0 it should be possible to rotate the object along the Z axis at 0,0,0 point about 90 degrees and get a cube that is at -5,0,0. I hope I could explain what I meant.


You can do that. In the transform tool, tap on the Transform center button, and you can select the pivot point of the transformation.


I just managed to do that. Awesome! It would be great if you can add a little tutorial for future users though. It seemed to me like a hidden feature haha.


Did you know if you tap on the name of a tool, you can watch a short tutorial?



It would be great to be able to add textures to an object as it would help people viewing to better realise the model. If this meant havin to be pay for a texture pack or by a separate app, or so many default textures with users being able to add extras. OR by taking a picture of the desired texture and that being able to be applied to the model.
That. being said, the app in its current state is fantastic! BEST 3D cad app for me. Pencil works brilliantly.



Hi, Max! Currently we don’t plan to add texturing capabilities, only colors. We have some users who are using Shapr with 3rd party renderers, like i3D viewer.


I have to second the post from Istvan. Colors can help to better work with a model and you can define colors for certain parts of the model. Textures are great, but not within Shapr3D. Using another too to visualize what you have done in Shapr3D is a better way. As far as I remember some users use the combination of i3D Viewer and Procreate to make create “renderings” on the iPad.


I would love to have a text input that you can also extrude it at the same time

Mayby you guys can have a option to import photos from the photo gallery into the app so people can actually use it as a reference or use it as a base to sketch on


Rectangle tool

Hi, Just started using Shapr3d and whilst I am loving the speed and accuracy of the software, to make it useable the first need for me is a rectangle tool, using lines (when I can get them not to turn into curves - more practice needed no doubt) is too slow a process. Other primitive shapes would be useful too - circles etc.

Ability to Draw New Groups directly on other groups

Also, I often want to draw my products like a I would build them, from individual parts attached to each other, but I have fund that you have to draw the parts separately and then transpose one onto the position of the other, rather than simply being able to Sketch it in situ as a new group. If I create a new group and then start sketching on an existing group it simple joins it to that group, which is not what I want.

Thank you


Hi, just noticed this from Feb and it’s now July - how is the 3 week development going !
Would be great to have primitive shapes soon
Thank you



Currently we are working on the constraints feature, that will help I think. This also means, that the groups functionality will be improved a lot :slight_smile: Sketches will be automatically grouped together.

Did you know that you can switch between arcs/lines by wiggling the Pencil?

We are not entirely sure about the primitive curves functionality, that’s why we delayed it.


Image import is a priority, we will soon start to work on it!

Text tool is quite often requested, but we don’t have an ETA for that (yet) :frowning:


Thanks Istvan,

I find the circle sketch works fine, just would love to see a rectangle tool - then I would be flying



Hey … Thats cool ,hope you guys can input text in a update in the very near future update , it will be an awesome and usefull feature

And does the pro version have any features not included in the free version ? Except the step file export and higher resolution stl format ?


Of course. STEP, IGES and high quality STL export, and unlimited workspaces. In the free version you are limited to 3 workspaces.


Just given you guys my support by buying a years subscription … Keep up the good job by improving this app


The ability to set opacity on an object would be nice… also a rectangle tool…


A ruler tool would be helpful.


In the next release we will display information about selected objects (lenght, radius, area etc.)