"Import” shapes/text from .svg to avoid tracing

Hello everyone, Im creating a 3d printed letters w/led, I dont really like to trace sketches, so I use the following work-flow to do it.

First, I use InkScape to create a .svg file, write a text (and convert it to path) or import a image (trace bitmap & convert it to path)


once I created a .svg file, the next step is to import it as geometry to create a .iges file using export command on FreeCad


Open the .iges file on Shapr3D, and start working on what you need



Work still in progress!


See you guys!


Excellent work, muy bien :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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I get all the way to the last step but while importing the progress circle gets to half way and stops. Any suggestions? THANK YOU!

Got the help I needed from support! Thank you!

Before exporting the iges file from free cad select your objects and extrude them a little bit so they get imported as a 3D model


That’s really cool! Good job!

Great! I will try that. With what I’m paying monthly, text should already be an option at this point.

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This looks amazing. To bad you have to go through extra steps though (svg->iges->Shapr3D).

Inkscape exports DXF now, which eliminates one step.

As mentioned, Inkscape exports dfx files which can be imported to shapr3D however to get really smooth shapes (import as proper curves) I’ve found you have to do the following:

select text
Path → Object to Path
Object → Ungroup (each letter will now have a dotted box around it)
Save as AutoCAD DXF R14 (not R12!)
if you get a dialog box with options, deselect ‘use ROBO-Master’ and ‘use LWPOLYLINE’

import to shapr3D …and you get lovely text :slight_smile: