iPad - 4.0 - 2D drawings are finally here!

What customisations would you need in the title block?

@Daniel_Shapr3D Now i have version 4 with 2D drawings! SWEET!!!

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I’d like to use my own title block (custom fields) that I use now in SolidWorks or something similar. In the meantime I suppose I could use notes but my clients would like a consistent format.


Thank you !

Where did you activated the hidden edges?

Double-tap to select all in Drawings and tap on the hidden edges toggle under the view scale label


I love this new feature, which I was missing a lot in the past. And I can also see that more will come. Great!
Is there any way to include middle lines (for symmetric parts, holes/Radiusses etc) and customisation of lines (thickness and colour)?


Those are coming soon. This initial release is missing some features, but in the upcoming weeks you will see a ton of improvements coming.


Excellent! Many thanks.

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Many thanks, Daniel!

This togle not so clearly visible…

Yes, there is definitely a discoverability issue here - we will address it in upcoming releases


It would be great if the date format on the drawings could be selected. If I select the German language setup the date format should be dd.mm.yy, not mm.dd.yy as is the case now. Ant if the year could be four digits it would be even better.

I assume you are working on this already, but thought I’d mention it just in case :wink:

Is there a way to get Shapr3D to use , for thousands separator and . as the decimal point? It seems if the language is set to US-English that this should be the default.

Preset of paper size, or at least metric (A2) or Imperial (11 1/2” x 8”) would be useful and reduce steps. I really like what I have seen and used today. Thank you!!

Thank you and your team for this awesome update! Already a huge step forward to help us integrate the app into our manufacturing workflow. I really appreciate that you released it in this state knowing there is so much more to come. Can’t wait!

Do dimensions appear automatically upon selecting a view and applying dimensions or should one create dimensions one by one?

Could you let me know you I select 3rd Angle Projection rather than 1st as the default? Thanks. Love this addition by the way. Amazing

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Please add the ability to set significant digits locally and globally as well as set tolerances very soon. A print without tolerances is not terribly useful, since its principle use today is to help with quality related activities such as inspection and process control. The part itself is going to be interpreted numerically from a file and then CNC’d or printed.


I would agree with the need for:

  1. 3 decimal .000” on prints
  2. Ability to set tolerances on prints

maybe these are in the works for soon to come updates. Thanks for all we have got so far. It was great to send a print to a customer direct from S3D.


Is there any further development going on here?
There are really important things missing like:

  • Tolerances
  • Detail views
  • Customization of the drawing header
  • etc.

Greetings maker