iPad - 4.0 - 2D drawings are finally here!

We definitely need some updates.

I understand 2D drawings aren’t as glamorous as Visualization, however I use 2D drawings to reference, document, and manufacture parts.

I had a feeling that 2D drawings was going to stagnate when the “coming soon” tags under different views was removed, along with those view buttons.

There are still quite a few things to add to make 2D drawings very powerful, and the team is well aware of them. At this point it’s a matter of priority.

I’m very hopeful these requests get implemented.

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We certainly did not abandon Drawings. You can expect a lot of improvements later this year. Visualization is not competing for any other development resources, that team is highly specialized on real time rendering, and even if we wanted to we could not allocate that team on Drawings. It’d be like sending professional marathon runners to a sabre fencing competition. We removed the buttons because it turned out that it’ll take us more time then we thought to deliver those features.


I understand, thank you for clarifying.
I don’t mean my response in any negative way, it’s just how things seem from my perspective at the moment.

If there is any testing going on with drawings I’d be happy to help.

There is a lot more we should improve in Drawings. It’s a huge feature and we plan to invest in it a lot.


A few questions:

1/ How do you toggle all the measurements to appear. Doens’t seem obvious.

2/ How do you delete a drawing? I tested creating one, very cool. I went to remove it….doesn’t seem to be an option.

Right now I’m stuck using SketchUp for dimensional drawings like this. When you say that 3d dimensioning in on the roadmap, can I assume you mean something like this?

[Had to delete first image as I am only allowed to post one image per post I guess]

I’d really like to get away from my SketchUp subscription if possible, but I need to keep using it until I can get (or do a workaround) simple dimensions like such.

To give a little better idea of what I am hoping for -

It’s a pity, nothing has been developed regarding drawings for many months.
Drawings were added in Shapr3D 1.5 years ago.
However, there are still really important things missing.
These drawings as they are now can only be used for the hobby area as they are at the moment.

Wouldn’t it have made sense to finish all things properly first before widwed with things like the visualization?

I understand that you are missing features from Drawings. The team that is working on Visualization is different team. Currently the teams who could be working on Drawings are working on features that you requested, like non-uniform scaling, patterns, sketching improvements, construction sketches, and many more. They’ll return to Drawings later this year.


Many thanks for your frank answer.

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Just seen this today on our Slack :slight_smile: