Is there any way to split bodies unevenly (see attachment)?

I got a football/soccer ball (see the image). It’s a mesh converted to BREP (I selected the part of it so you see I can actually do whatever I want with it).
Is there any way to split the body unevenly (red lines)? I need that for 3d print purposes, so I can align the ball properly, otherwise, even with the supports, the ball looks terrible at the bottom (2 cm from the base or so).
Appreciate the suggestions.

The only way I know to do it is to define planes along those lines. You will get some unwanted splitting since planes are persistent throughout a solid body, but you can always take those pieces and union them back in.

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Share this model with us so we can experiment and find best solution.

You might be better off and save time by recreating it in shapr.

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I agree with @Oregonerd.
Here’s an interesting read. @PEC had done a fabulous job of creating a soccer ball. Others, like myself added to the mix.


you are too kind @TigerMike :smiling_face:
If it can help you, here is a parametric version of the soccer like shape, so you can replay step by step inserting and moving a breakpoint in the history panel.
Football parametric.shapr (588.2 KB)