macOS version

I assume some of these improvements will eventually translate to the iPad version when using a keyboard and mouse/trackpad?

Yes. The code base is the same.


When can we expect to backup the Shapr3D designs in iCloud automatically? I will be very happy if it allows us to continue with same design on a different iPad/Mac seamlessly. Most of the designers own multiple Apple devices and enjoy the hand-off in Apple ecosystem. I think this is something very important to put on your roadmap, especially you will be launching the MacOS expansion.

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Agreed. :slight_smile: Definitely something we are looking into. However we are not completely sure yet whether we would like to use the built in iCloud sync, or build a more sophisticated solution, tailored for our needs.

Thanks for your reply!

Basically there are two solutions:

  1. Setup your cloud service and store our designs to your cloud, since the design documents are small, it wont take up much space, this would be a better solution if you plan to develop your software for Windows or Android platforms.
  2. If you have no plan for Win/Android users, then linking to iCloud would be an ideal solution. You don’t have to pay for third-party cloud service.

I am so pleased with Shapr3D, cloud-backup is the only demand. :smiley:

Thanks again for making such great software and constantly improving the experience!


I Love the new update with the keyboard already :slight_smile:
It works great for typing dimentions dimentions and change views :slight_smile:

Can we expect the tools and constrains to get their own shortcuts too? That would speed up the workflow even more for advanced users :smiley:
For example in the draw mode:
L = Lines
S = Splines
C = Circle
Etc Etc

It´s perfect for how I use my keyboard to the left side of my ipad.


Lots of improvements are coming. This is a very early implementation of mouse and keyboard support.


I´m already looking forward what´s coming. This app never stops to amaze me. I love it :slight_smile:

WIth the Keyboard support, that probably also means some bluetooth calipers and lasers will work too. Since alot of them just work as a keyboard when you press the bluetooth button. (This was asked by a member on the forum some time ago)

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Aprox. When is the Mac version going to be available?

Early beta in a couple of weeks, then a much more polished 1.0 early next year.


May I volunteer to be an early beta tester?

Yes, the beta will be very soon downloadable from the website.


Hi Istvan,

Will the mac version support the space mouse? (I realy hope so)



Initially not, but we are aware that it is super popular.

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hopefully in the near future, with a little luck … :wink:

I have the little one, and am very fond of it.


Exciting news and testament to Shapr’s constant improvements.

But, as an iPad only Architect (I no longer own a Mac and use Shapr and Concepts for all my work on the iPad) I hope the iPad version will not begin to trail the Mac version as a ‘mobile’ add-on to a fully fledged desktop workhorse.

Keep up the good work.

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No, that won’t happen, I promise :slight_smile: Both platforms will be primary platforms, every feature will be fully supported on both. Except of course platform specific features, like AR, or Pencil, except of course if macs with touch support are coming out. But for example mouse and keyboard will be fully supported on iPads too.


Thanks for the reassurance Istvan. I get that there will be some differences due to the hardware but good to know the iPad won’t become second fiddle.

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This is so exciting! So nice that you have your software on the desktop platform as well, that is promising for the future I think as I expect Mac OS and iPad OS to more or less merge in the coming decade. So that make this path for mobile CAD a safe choice. Much appreciated.

And please, if the day comes, and selling is an option, do not sell to Autodesk. Anyone else, but not them. Ok? :slight_smile: