Problems with the current way of measuring things

We are doing some maintenance work about how you can measure angles, lengths, distances, etc. in Shapr3D. As part of this, we are looking for limitations of the current way of measuring. If you have any memories of cases that you couldn’t measure or had difficulties measuring in Shapr3D, let us know about it in this thread. If you can, please provide screenshots for better understanding.


Hey @Balint_Shapr3D,

A few things that come to mind, in no particular order of importance.

Arc length is displayed when an arc or edge is selected in the 3D space, but it can’t be annotated in the 2D space, only arc angle. I realize in the 3D space it’s not necessary displaying arc length specifically, just the length of a curved edge or line.

The second, which is not necessarily a measurement issue, but a measurement labeling improvement.

If a whole body is selected, it’s body name is displayed with the relevant measurements.

If one feature of a body is selected, it doesn’t display the body name it’s part of. It would be helpful to show this, particularly when zoomed in with multiple bodies on screen.

Third would be handling of .XXXX” measurements, from this recent thread.

One of the things I would like to see is reference lines. Lines that don’t affect the drawing. Lines that can be turned on or off without affecting a sketch Measurements tool would tie into that.


Reference lines would be very useful.



Thanks for asking.

For me selecting an object and then looking down at the tiny bar at the bottom of the screen takes me out of my flow. I would like to be able to measure things on the model. I would like to pick a point, line, face, etc (snaps honored would be great) and then any other point, line, face, etc and get measurement, distance, angle, etc. I would keep the bar at the bottom as well as it can contain more information.

I’m excited to see what the team comes up with.

@Oregonerd, @tommyn, what problems would the reference lines solve for you? What would you use them for?

At least .XXXX" measurements in the 3D model

An option in the settings to choose your preferred number of digits in the model, similar to the ability to display number of digits in the 2D drawings, would be great.

I’d like to see reference lines too. I’ve been working on stacked components, which go to make a mechanism based on a four bar linkage. It’s important to see how parts interact with each other at different rotations.

The way shapr is set up, all these lines interact with each other, and I have to manually disconnect in order to inhibit lines from distorting other lines, arcs and circles.

Guide lines would allow me to see these stacked relationships before committing to a sketch I can actually use, for one of multiple components.

Since I mentioned arcs, I find the arc tool to be quite useless, unless it’s not important to have a defined center, radius, and defined start and finish.

It’s probably something I should post a specific question about.