What should be the next feature?


Vector includes are coming this fall.

Just like the text tool.

We have some exciting concepts for a library feature, but we don’t have an ETA yet.


My wish list would be.

Logo vector import to extrude logos
Vector includes are coming this fall.
Great, thanks

Text Extrusion
Just like the text tool.
Not seen this? How do you get to it?

Asset library, to save a group and bring it back in for common built items like USB sockets.
We have some exciting concepts for a library feature, but we don’t have an ETA yet.
OK, roadmap, is fine


I mean the text tool is coming just like the vector imports :slight_smile:


Hi Shapr team,

In answering fonthill’s query about the creation of a spiral in Shapr3d, it occurred to me that the gestural input for a circle could be extended for delineating a spiral. At the moment if you scribe a loop 0°-359° you get an arc, 360°- 450°(shown in red dotted line) you get a circle, but beyond that (shown in green dotted line) it reverts to creation of an arc.

Instead of this the last case (green dotted line) could create a spiral, with the number of revolutions of the pencil input, and could be further defined with a dialog box inputs (spiral type, angle or revolutions)

See attached

Edit: In the image the starting “angle” in the dialog box would be based on the amount of looping of pencil…an amount in excess of 450°. Hope this makes sense!

To misquote Alan Kay: “Simple shapes should be simple, complex shapes should be possible”


There are infinite number or regular geometries that could be automatically recognized, but the as we recognize more, the recognition will be less accurate. How often do you want to draw a spiral? 1 out of 10 000 times probably. This is probably something that should not be part of the basic interaction, but should have a dedicated tool.


Hi Istvan

Thank you for your reply. Some thoughts:

RE: “How often do you want to draw a spiral? 1 out of 10 000 times probably………should have a dedicated tool.”

To introduce dedicated sketch tools (especially for such a rare requirement) would break a fundamental tenet of the interface:
that sketch elements are created via gestural input and “Tools” act upon these elements and forms derived from them.

For instance, it would be redundant to have a dedicated ellipse tool, when an ellipse is simply a non-uniform scale of a circle.

It would be better to extend functionality of Transform/Freeform/Scale by inclusion of non-uniform toggle.

Similarly, arcs could become conical section curve via the same means, and once it is no longer a neutral curve, an new option button could be attached to highlighted curve to choose between parabolic, hyperbolic, catenary etc.

RE: "as we recognize more, the recognition will be less accurate”

Getting back to spiral definition: let’s say the user needed to scribe 2 full unbroken loops with the pencil before initiating the spiral functionality, then there would be no case of a user creating a spiral when they intended to create a circle. If such an interfacing event could be captured by the software, it might be argued that it could be better assigned to something more useful, because as you say a spiral is 1/10000 requirement. But, the gesture infers that the intent is a spiral, so despite the rarity of need, it would be the logical result.

RE: "infinite number or regular geometries”
EDIT: See my new post below


Import from an SVG would solve pretty much any issues I have. I can accurately draw freehand in Concepts, using my Apple Pencil, any shape I want. If I could import SVG, I could use that or designs from my laptop to create extrusions, easy peasy.

No app is going to do everything that everyone wants when it comes to custom shapes but there is plenty of drawing software for the iPad that will do any of that, most of which is very easy to use and you can export it quickly and easily. OK, not ideal for workflow maybe if you are a professional user but for hobbyists and more occasional users it would keep this app simple enough to be intuitive.


Following on from my above post
RE: "infinite number or regular geometries”

Aside from polylines and polygons, I cannot think of what else would need to be sketched.

A solution for the former would largely resolve the latter.


It would be logistical consistent to be able to convert a spline to a polyline while drawing it by jiggling the pencil, in the same manner as converting arc to line segment. This would be a godsend to sketching.


Creating a polyline finishing at start point would create an enclosed shape. It would be advantageous to be able to highlight all perimeter edges at once, by say e.g. double tapping on shape fill (tap once selects shape fill as it is now, but tapping twice highlights all line edges of the enclosed shape) and setting equal constraints for edges and angles to make shape into regular polygon.

In the end though, you have authored this truly elegant piece of software, so I trust your stewardship of it.

I only want what you want: to be able to 3d model without relying on the bloatware that so much of CAD has become. It is for this reason that I believe dedicated icon buttoned sketch tools should be avoided if an alternative can be found.


We did months of experimenting with all kind of gestures, shape recognition, etc. to minimize the number of buttons, and make the “buttonless” interaction as powerful as possible. The problem is that even with the current setup, a significant amount of people have issues with the basics. So we very carefully extend the current gesture set, but with the next release, you can expect quite a lot of improvements regarding sketching.


Vector imports are coming this fall, stay tuned! :slight_smile: