Whole object selection method on Ipad

Is it just me or has the whole object selection stroke changed from a 2 tap to a three tap? I am struggling with the 3 tap method, the manual states a 2 tap stroke with the Apple Pencil selects an entire object. However this is not the case now. I feel like after the previous two updates the stroke changed. Is there anyway to revert it back to the double tap method? Or possibly change the tapping speed for the Apple Pencil?

Hi @Forestmbrown , no, it has not changed. We have heard reports from some users that the double tap interaction has slowed down on their iPads, and we are investigating this issue. Are you running into this issue on iPad?

As Istvan says, this has been reported by a number of users and is currently being investigated.

I have the same issue here running on a 2018 iPad Pro.

I find that closing and re-starting Shapr3D resolves the issue for a while, but after a while the tap issue returns.

I think Curiobot hit the nail on the head with his findings as described here:
Double-tapping issue with Apple Pencil - #5 by Curiobot

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Hi, great work on the app so far but I have recently run into the same issue in the parametric beta and it really gets in the way. It’s hard to know how many taps are needed. Sometimes 4 fast one does it but 2 no longer works.

Hi @ConorGaffney, thanks for the report! Do you also use the main, non-beta version as well on the same device or could you try it now for us with the same models? (you could export X_T files from the beta and import them into the main one) This has been a somewhat elusive bug that we’ve been working hard to track down in the past weeks and it’d help us pin down the exact root cause if we knew if there’s a difference between the stable and the beta app for you in this regard.