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Hey Andy, totally cool!! :slight_smile: can you send me the shapr file so I can debug the performance issue?


Hi Istvan

Link below should enable you to download the Shapr file of the well model. Is it the kink in the rope that you have spotted?

Let me know if you have trouble downloading the file.

Best wishes.



Oh, I see what’s the problem. This issue is already adressed in development versions and will be fixed in one of the next releases. Thanks for sharing.


OK - now it’s my turn to be impressed. Have just been watching a programme on the evolution of sailing ships and the shape of the hulls. I wondered how easy it would be to model the complex curved shape of the hull. I decided to make a number of cross sections of the hull and join them using the loft tool. I thought that I would then have a problem getting a smooth transition between each cross section. What I hadn’t realized is that if you link several cross sections in a single action you get a smooth transition between them! Yes - I’m sure you guys at Shapr knew that, but I didn’t! Not sure I have got my cross sections quite right, but it would be possible to create an accurate and complex shape in this way.


Wow, looks great! And we will do some really cool improvements in the loft tool soon, it will be even more powerful.


Btw. @CEKuhnen made the hairdryer with lofting for example, am I right?


Yes. Looks as if he used a series of discs and linked them in a single lofting action. I have just been watching his full length video tutorials - they are really good on drafting techniques and use of groups. Have learnt a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:


@Istvan_Shapr3D @awoodhead

Yes for boat design you do the same you create cross sections and then loft them all at once together to get those fluid organic looks like I did with the hair dryer handle.

@awoodhead you are on the right track, create those cross sections move them to where you need them to be
and then loft the solid.


Am thinking of making a model of a wooden clock - lots of wooden cogs! Have been trying different methods for making the cogs. See pic below for the approach that seemed to work best. I made a single segment (top left) and then used the move/rotate tool (top right) setting the pivot point to the middle and setting copy to yes. After copying enough segments to make a quarter of the cog, I joined them together and then copied that segment to make the full cog. The advantage of doing it this way was that I did not have to fillet lots of edges. Holes cut in the cog using subtract tool. Has anyone else found other ways of making cogs? Would be interested to hear. Best wishes. Andy


Wow, that’s actually a really smart approach.


Just rendered the cog in Keyshot 6 - uploaded it from Shapr as a high quality stl file - no other changes made other than adding the wood material. It was a pretty big file so if I do go ahead and make the whole clock in Shapr I will have to upload the big cogs like this one at a time! Anyway, I like the way it has rendered! Andy


hey guys!
i’ve just signed up, but i’ve been looking at the forums for a couple of months. it’s a really incredible app, and i have 2 questions

•how long did it take you to make all those algorithms and everything before releasing the first version of the app?

• how do you make a sphere in shapr3d?

thanks a lot



It took us 2+ years, but we are just writing a blogpost on this topic. We’ll release it on our blog in a few weeks.

To create a shpere: you have to revolve a half circle or a full circle around an axis.

Here’s a short video on how to create a “spheroid”:

From this you can understand how to create a sphere and a spheroid as well.

Welcome to the forums of Shapr3D

thanks so much!

it’s incredible how long you took! but it is an incredible app.

little question: what coding language did you use?


i love how intuitive shapr3d is.

shout out to awoodhead, what he does is really incredible!


A nice combination of Open Cascade & C++ & Objective-C & Swift.


My very unsexy but hopefully practice design of a poop bag holder for when I take my dog for a walk, that I ended up 3D printing. Definitely could have some improvements but it’s worked pretty well so far, attaching to the part of the leash you don’t put your hand on. This one is designed for the width of the leash I use but could be easily modified. Also did a short write up about it at


Like this! This is a pretty good example how to use 3D modeling and printing to solve real world problems :wink:


Totally, which is where I see the real strength with Shapr. If I’m going to do a little character or something, I’ll probably just stick with something like Zbrush, but if I need to make sure I’m hitting real world dimensions that has to interact with real world objects, it’s great. Plus the convenience of just using it on my iPad on the couch when creativity strikes instead of getting up and moving to the home office.


Can’t wait to get my hands of Shapr 2.0! So made this model of a Colt 45 to while away the time. Best wishes to all at Shapr. Andy