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Got it Andy, we are hurrying! :smiley:


Managed to create. A 3D floor plan for a retail store I Work at!


Entered a contest on Thingiverse. Here is the link to my entry most of the design was done using Shapr3D.


Reaally cool stuff, especially cool that it has moving parts - it is not easy to design moving 3d printed parts :slight_smile:


Have just got a 3d printer so experimenting with models made in Shapr. This model of a colt 45 is the most successful print job so far. All modeled in Shapr and then printed in ABS on a CEL Robox printer. The only problem I had in Shapr was splitting the model to make it easier for printing. I think the answer is to build the model in separate parts rather than trying to split it at the end. How about a function within Shapr that you could use to split a model? Would be interested to know how others have got on with doing this. Anyway, really enjoying bringing my models into the real world (although print head has developed a fault so has had to be sent back to manufacturer!). Andy





First serious attempt. Modeled a GoPro baseball hat mounting adapter.

Man… that was a lot of curves for. A first sketch!


Nice one, are you going to print it?


That is the plan! Got a 3D printer for Christmas (Wanhao i3 clone) that will be setup in the next few days :slight_smile:



Cool! That Mini Monster Truck is amazing. Like it!


Thank you for the response and feedback.



First ever 3D drawing ever, after watching tutorial video and then printed on Cel Robox.
Shapr3D brilliant software thank you.


Playing around with shapr3D I thought it is a good idea to create a teapot. Since a teapot is the testing object for every 3D software. It’s the raw model without textures. Good to see that shapr3D can handle fillets on organic surfaces. But I’m really missing non-uniform scaling at least for creating an ellipse from a circle. Obviously there is a big difference between a circle and a round drawn spline, which makes trouble in the modeling process. But the app is a fun to use.


Had to try to make one also :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for this app. I Love IT :grin::grin: My first bottle in progress on pic :joy:


And so, i was using My clients toilet and noticed that thing that closes doors automatic, so i had to do a quick shape of it :joy::joy:


Working on an iPad stand, :slight_smile: