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Just bought My first 3D printer and did an easy iPhone stand for first model to print. Of course made with Only Shapr3d. :grin:


Created and printed a mini monster truck to My brother son. :grin:


I printed a 3D printer that was created by another person on Thingiverse (Snappy, RepRap is the printer name on Thingiverse), I had lots of issues with the creators original extruder design in that the PLA kept on slipping and clogging up my extruder. I decided to make my first Shapr3D project a new extruder tray to hold an MK8 Direct Drive extruder with a Spring Tensioner and Fan. The design was conceived mostly with Shapr3D but some of it was completed with Autodesk Fusion 360.

I have some renderings of the part once imported to Fusion 360 as well as images on the printed part, however since I am new here I am only allowed the one image per post. Happy to share other images of the part if requested.

Item can be found here:


Sure, would love to see the other pics as well!






I finally got the part installed and doing its thing. Here it is in action. Well the part itself is stationary, but everything you see that is plastic was 3D Printed with a Makerbot Replicator+. Now I have a fully functional second printer.


Apple Pencil Case

Look at this link for full details.


This looks good. I may have to make one. Thanks for the share.


I had a request after my last post to create the item I made to fit a different extruder. This time I used Shapr3D entirely. Here are a couple rendered images. Not a huge difference from the last item other than it was designed using Shapr3D rather than Fusion 360 too.

Item can be found here:


The Apple Pencil case looks amazing! Well done!

What if put the same magnet there is on the iPad Smart Cover (not Smart Keyboard) so that it’ll magnetically attach to the iPad Pro?!

But I guess you can’t print magnets on 3D printers…

Thanks anyways,



Testing out the revolve feature as well as mirror. Created this idler pully and made my first assembly (what I’m calling it). I exported the STL to Fusion 360 for the iPad to render it. This was created 100% with Shapr3D.

The more I play with the app the more I am learning of its abilities. I purchased the Pro Subscription for 1 year today as I really like the app and can see me using it frequently.


Emma: "What are you doing there daddy?"
Me: "Ah, nothing. Just beta testing Shapr3D 2.2.0. It support colors.“
Emma: " You said what? Colors?”

Emma: “Yo, dad. This is AWESOME! Look, such colors. Wow!”

Emma: “Give me that pencil, now!”

Emma: “Load that file you did me the other day! Let me color it!”

Emma “Hm, yes, this purple looks pretty great.”

The (somewhat) true story of the youngest Shapr3D beta tester. :slight_smile:


So simple a child can use it! :slight_smile:


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While I’m enjoying printing stuff I find online, I’ve been searching for a problem to solve. We have a towel bar in our shower that isn’t practical for holding a towel. So I fixed that!


Had some free time a few weekends ago and created the first animation movie with Shapr3D. :smiley:

Lego man playing football:

Lego man & the Matrix:

Even though it’s not the ideal use case of Shapr3D, it was a fun experiment. One video took about 3 hours to create.

The lego man was created 100% in Shapr3D. Then I took (lots of) screenshots of the workspace while moving objects + rotating the camera. Later I copied all the screenshots to a video editing software and merged them together.


This is actually pretty cool and could be a way for someone to get into stop motion (sort of) video.