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Working on a wobbly chess set. Bases will be weighted and sit on concave squares.


We have been waiting for a while now to release the (publicly shareable) work of Patrick Jouin. He is a world famous French designer who uses Shapr3D in his daily work.

We did an interview with him which you can read here:

His work created 100% in Shapr3D:

Architectural concept with image import

Floor lamp study

Studio chairs for a restaurant

Study for a bar

Restaurant in a chapel

Restaurant interior

Skype with Patrick:


3D printed Keychain


Wow these are great!:grinning:


A project I am working on will use dual mechanical switches, however there is only a spot to mount one.

Simple solution to a simple problem, use Shapr3D to design one then 3D print it.

The switches are a mock up and the white part is the mount, I may need to modify it to include a way to mount it. But it may also be glued in place with Goop.


Here it is 3D printed with one switch installed. Worked as expected.


After giving it a test fit, I decided it should have mounting holes rather than a glue for this use case. So I added a mounting hole to each side.


I had a new custom dash made for my Harley, it arrived today. To install it you need to tighten up a Chrome Ring that is actually the fill for the fuel tank as well. The manufacturer states that you just hand tighten it and it will be good. Well I tried that and there was no way for me to get it tight enough to mate the parts correctly.

So I got thinking where can I get a tool fast enough so that I can install this part and be confident it stays in place. Then I decided that I would design a simple tool with Shapr3D and 3D print one. If I give the printed part enough shells and infill it should be strong enough for what I need.

After printing it, I placed it inside the chrome ring, turned it tight with an adjustable wrench and put the fuel cap on. Another real life problem solved by Shapr3D.

In short thanks to Shapr3D I was able to design, print and install my part in less than 2 hours with confidence that it will remain in place.

The STL file has been shared here. BadDad Gas Cap Tool


I have been building an R/C Helicopter as mentioned in a previous post. And during this build, a lot of time is dedicated to setting up the Rotor Pitch and electronics. The Rotor Pitch while easy to do is very time consuming. I wanted an easier way to set zero degree pitch on the blades. Doing so allows me to set all my control arms and linkages up to their very base setting.

If there was a way to hold zero pitch mechanically rather than electronically I could efficiently complete most of the mechanical build without the need to program the transmitter for the electronics to stabilize and hold zero pitch.

In this case, we design a tool with Shapr3D to do this. Below are some images of the tool created to do exactly what is described above. This is a huge timesaver and allows for zero to be held for all of the linkages and control arms without the need to install the electronics first.

  1. The first photo is of the design within Shapr3D.
  2. The second photo is the part printed on the Makerbot Replicator+.
  3. The third photo is the actual tool created.
  4. The last photo is the tool in use to set zero pitch.

STL Files have been shared here: V50 Zero Pitch Tool


Light covers, 18650 battery packs, and mounting hardware were developed for the Segway Mini Pro. Briefly, there are twelve 18650 batteries and 22 T6 Cree led lights that were pieced all together thanks to the simplicity of shapr3D. Shapr3d was impressive during all phases of prototyping. Rendering is rapid and the Apple Pencil is very responsive. Within minutes my sketches were transformed to 3D shapes with a minimal time spent in the dreaded learning curve. Two parts were even so accurate I could snap them together without additional fasteners. Shapr3d is an impressive development! - Lucia Rodriguez-Sweeney


Having fun with Shapr3D. I purchased it about 3 weeks ago.



Hi Shapr’s,

I have created an rv screen door handel for a friend that had it broken so designed with Shapr3D and 3D printed with ASA plastic for outdoor use :wink:


Today I was assembling some more on my R/C Helicopter, more specifically the fan and clutch for the motor. I forgot to purchase a crank locking tool that allows me to lock the crankshaft in place so I can tighten up the nut that holds everything in place.

With that said I brought out the iPad Pro and designed one I can 3D Print so I can finish this part of the project, otherwise I had to wait till next Monday to receive the one I ordered.

For anyone that would like to print one, here is the STL: Crankshaft Locking Tool


Last night I was working on my R/C Helicopters as I am trying to finish up 2 of them to fly by the second week of September at an event. One of the things I used to purchase was a Boom Bridge Support, this support helps to stiffen up the side to side movement during acrobatic maneuvers. The Helicopters I will be flying are discontinued as the manufacturer went out of business a few years back, so I have been able to get the kits and parts for a good price. However there are many parts also no longer available, such as the boom bridges.

I decided to give a 3D printed bridge a shot, but first I had to design one via Shapr3D. Below you see a couple images of the design, the printed part and it installed. It worked exactly as I had hoped.

If you wish to download the STL and print one, you can get the file here: Boom Bridge Support


Playing with helix


Here is my first model. I’m a carpenter/cabinet maker and this is a desk I designed for a customer.


Hello, I am very new to iPads and have very little 3D modelling experience apart from dabbling a bit of sketchup. I was brought an iPad Pro a couple of weeks ago and am just getting to grips with it and the pencil. I then came across Shapr3D app as I was told sketchup is going to web only and it doesn’t seem to work on iPad Safari. I have to say I love Shapr3D from the start and have created my model loco in an afternoon. I still need to get use to the controls as it is a bit different to what I have used but I plan to try and do a bit each day to improve my skills. I love the work in this thread and hope to one day get my own 3d printer. Look forward to seeing Shapr3D grow as it is an excellent app for iPad


Congrats on your new iPad Pro and learning the Shapr3D app Tom. Your imagination is all that limits you with these tools in hand.


My very first build in Shapr3d. Pretty happy with how this turned out considering I’m a novice modeler.