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Thanks @AngelArs, yes I am just getting started but love the ease of use in a seemingly very complicated world of 3D modelling
Regards Tom


Hey all
I’m new in this app and I’m happy really with it , I want to share my 1st draw ( Nokia 6600 ) it is not complate but working on it
ty for this app


Very nice for a 1st try!



Yesss, very nice… same as Tommy said !


I’ll stick a good job in and well done. You’ve picked it up quickly.


Just finished with a brace for my brother who sprained wrist rather badly. All drawn up so quickly from simple measurements, was done within 2 hours. Im still new to printing, but considering im using a 350$ machine and a rather hard material to print with “TPU” i think this came out great. Print time was about 20 hours.

I had given up abit on 3D modeling on programs due to how slow and uncomfortable it is to draw that way. Then i bought an ipad and came across this great app, im simply amazed by how easy and fun it is to use Shapr3d.



Hey all ,
I like this ring really it , I draw it in this app but tbh this not my design I see this in some where while I’m searching in google any why really I’m happy to end it in Shapr3D

Ty all


Hey again ,

This app is really cool easy way to draw , one of my draw I want to share it .
The design is not by me I’m only searching random ring in google and try to draw it by shapr3d


Nice, but you may experiment with fillets for a less sharp, edgy design.




Hey tommyn

Mey plz show me example or any YouTube show how to do it .

Ty sir


Here you go… How to Soften Edges




Hey again

Will my few knowledge about this app let make really good draw
This is Thor hummer .

I’m try to give it more design in the head of hummer but I’m happy with it for now :slight_smile:


Hey again ,
Tbh this app really good I’m try to draw any model my eye can see it hope we see a good update soon for more option , all what I do I learn it from basic tutorials in app

Ty Dev for this app


Hey again,
Take time to solved problem from mid but in the end I learn it :slight_smile:


Nice work… How did you assure that the 3 triangular shapes intersect at the center at the exact same point?

This might be a good tutorial?




Hi sir ,

Will tbh I do t know how to write tutorials but mey I can do it by image if it is help


Sure that would be helpful.

It is unfortunate that this forum software seems to have a bug or something in that it does not upload a group of selected screenshots in the order they were taken. Very frustrating…





My English is really not good to explained every thing but I try

1st this the main draw and lock every point in it

2nd u need to mirror to get this

Then with transform - move and select the center

With select all lines and copy option move around 120

And same lines with around 240

And make line for ever mid Line to tuch mid point like this

And lock every point so it not move when you extrude

Then make line between the line to get this

Use trim to clean unwanted lines

And extrude

I hope I explained in good way … sorry for my bad English again


Thank you for your explanation. Your English is fine. Your use of the Extrude tool with draft angle is somewhat innovative. I had only considered its use for more simple figures. Need to study further…