What new features in Shapr3d would close the gap up to the big guys?

In apps like Procreate and Affinity Suite, you can tap on the screen with two fingers to undo and three fingers to redo. I would find this a very useful tool in Shapr3D.

It would also be great to have support, perhaps, for different materials? (Perhaps do what some tools do and allow users to create material brushes/skins). I know this would move Shapr3D more into the rendering space, but it would be a great next step for the software. Mix that with movable or adjustable lights, and you have a very powerful prototyping/demoing tool.

Text support would be useful. So that you can bring in logos, required marks, etc and manipulate them into the bodies.

I’ve found that selecting and deselecting bodies, especially when zoomed in, can be tricky. Having to find the background past the edge of a zoomed-in body to deselect it without opening the bodies and sketch inspector (which I always forget to do) is a pain.

The ability to free-form sketch (perhaps in an overlaying canvas that then inserts the resultant sketch into the main work area) would be great. I know we can do this by importing from other software, but building in could be powerful.

These are just a few of the ideas I’ve had working with Shapr3D.


for example, if i select an edge and then call a command, then undo the command, the selection is no longer there.
I then have to select again, which can be very time-consuming under certain circumstances.

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Double click could be set to center of mass,. Now double click sets manipulation triad to geometrical center of max xyz dimensions.

I vote for:
center of mass as point generation tool (from selected solid body)
Generator of XYZ axes and point thru center of mass.

My use case:
I need to find out rotation center in center of mass for my mechanism. Less inertia to move means less power required, so I need to add axis there.


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The two things that would help me get away from solidworks, are the ability to add threads easily, and Text. Threads are super hard right now. It’s be wonderful to be able to select a standard metric, or imperial thread, and apply it to a part.


Hi @SteveLynch

Consider reuse :upside_down_face:

a) You drawn M4 threaded shaft. Export it as step?
b) next time you need it , then just import, locate,combine with body and lift up slightly corners of your mouth with pleasure
c) for threaded holes make pipe threaded inside


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I’ve been screaming for this for over two years.It is a simple thing to implement, but would be a huge improvement in usability. Not to mention how ridiculous it to have to do math when you are working on a super computer. That’s just unforgivable.


If you want to have your own features tool database, you have to make it once and reuse , simple as this. So dear developers, I think we have dream here to come true. Please add shape library that can be tapped and any predefined shape imported
Then mechanical guys will create their desired thread interfaces. Plastic shapers will add locking clips and metal insert interfaces. Wood lovers will add pins wedges etc. and show to grandkids how easy it is to design :slight_smile:


My Short List of Features

  1. Array tool
  2. Selection Box
  3. Joining tool - coincident
  4. View lock - ex. top-down so I can fake a drawing / 2D
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Hi Mike,

What does 3. and 4. mean?

I have couple of years background in Solidworks. I used to love it but today it has two main disadvantages: first -> it’s only for Windows (I hate Windows); second -> it doesn’t have mobile app for design… so I don’t want to go back to it.

What I miss the most from Solidworks are

SURFACE TOOLS and 3D sketches.

They are so powerful and allow to create very complex shapes faster than Shapr3D allows today.

Here You can watch what I mean
–> https://youtu.be/fA2-i34UVUo
–> https://youtu.be/lHxMuE3vWlE

Some rendering option is also a good idea.

… and how it is possible in XXI century that we don’t have CIRCULAR or LINEAR PATTERNS :wink: ???


Implementation of variational sweep using direct modeling would be a great tool.
Likewise, lofting along a given path/s.


I think there are some improvements and enhancements to visibility options. Right now there is only on or off.

  • Move transparency out of color and make it a visibility option. Keep it part of subscription if you like.

  • I would like to see a SOLO option. A button to turn off everything but the selection. Unclick the button to undo the SOLO. Audio mixers have a similar function. Mute everything but the selected channel.

  • The way visibility works in folders is odd to me. When toggling the :eye: on the folder it turns OFF all contents of the folder, but within the folder the :eye: on each item stays ON. If I want to turn on one item within the folder I have to turn ON the entire folder and manually turn OFF everything but the one item I want. It would be better for my workflow if the folder :eye: toggled the contents :eye: as well.

I really enjoy shapr3Ding. I would enjoy it more if I spent less time toggling visibility. (And selecting items, as has been discussed in other threads.)


My top missing features are:

  • A solo button as mentioned by @realdrogo. I am spending so much time toggling visibility since I have quite a lot of objects and a deep directory structure.
  • A “jump to directory” button which opens the directory of the currently selected directory.
  • 3D splines, being able to move spline control points not only in the x-y plane but also in z direction.
  • A repeat-object functionality in case one wants to create e.g. 100 instances of an object.
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UPDATE: drawings are finally here: 4.0 - 2D drawings + new pricing

Something I would love to see, is alignment tools.

I am a largely CNC Machining based user, and I’m used to alignment tools in many other programs.

For example You draw two objects…

You select them both, then use a justification menu to align, and join.

Horizontal Align
Vertical align
Center align
Inside edge align
Outside edge align

this makes creation of complex shapes so much faster.

I would absolutely love to see this!

Keep up the amazing work!

Have you tried our Align tool?

Hi Istvan! Is there a video about this? I remember seeing this mentioned, however I cannot seem to ever get the feature to be available. It remains grayed out. I’m sure it must be something I’m doing wrong.

Should it be available in 2d mode?

Thanks so much!

Coming to shapr3d from Onshape, I really miss deterministic use of “coincident”, i.e. the possibility to select two items (line and a vertex/point), and make them (or the line extension) be coincident. You get somewhat similar result now by snapping to a line, but if you have overlapping lines, it is difficult/impossible to select which line you want to be coincident with. Also, this technique does not work if the line you want to be coincident with does not extend to where you want to snap. You can get these things to work by lots of “draw the line at wrong place, remove constraints, move the line, add consrtraints” type of fiddling, but it just would seem so simple to have the “coincident” constraint be available just like the other constraints, (concentric, tangent etc.).


It would be great to include a weight indicator with the added plus of different materials and metals.

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@CRichmond95 when you highlight a body, there is a volume measurement at the bottom center of the screen, so if you multiply that by the specific material density you plan to use, you can get the weight of the part.

At least that’s what I do, without without pre-loaded materials.

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